Great Tips For Dressing Your Newborn Baby

The average parent spends around $60 a month on clothing for the first year of their baby’s life. If you are a first-time parent, you know how confusing it can be to buy the right clothing for your bundle of joy. When buying clothing for a newborn, the main thing you need to focus on is getting a great deal on high-quality items.

Finding good deals on things like onesies and bibs is easy when shopping on the BK Variety website. As you start to explore the world of newborn clothing, be sure to set a few ground rules to avoid making mistakes. Below are some fantastic tips on dressing your newborn baby.

Buy Basic Items in Bulk

New parents quickly realize how a seemingly perfect outfit can get dirty in a matter of seconds. If a baby spits up on an outfit you just put on them, you need to have backups in place to change them quickly. One of the biggest mistakes new parents make is underestimating the amount of clothing they need to pack for outings.

Since you need lots of onesies, socks and bibs to carry with you, buying these items in bulk makes sense. In most cases, getting multiple onesies at one time is a great way to save money. Instead of spending a small fortune on onesies that will get stained in fairly short order, your main concern should be getting the best possible deal on this essential piece of newborn clothing. By amassing a large collection of onesies and bibs, you can quickly change your baby after an accident and continue on with your day without worry.

Simple is Better

Dressing a newborn baby up in intricately designed outfits might seem like a good idea, but this bad decision can create lots of headaches for a parent. When trying to change a diaper quickly or clean up a mess after eating, you want clothing that can snap on and off in a hurry. This is why you should focus on putting together newborn outfits that are easy to remove in a hurry.

Onesies are probably one of the simplest pieces of clothing you can put on a newborn. The onesies at BK Variety are both affordable and very appealing. With these onesies, you can keep your baby looking cute without complicating the process of changing their diaper or cleaning them up after an accident.

Dress Your Baby For Comfort

If you plan a day out with your newborn, it is important to check the weather beforehand. When venturing out on a warm day, you need to make sure your baby is dressed in light and breathable outfits. If newborns get too hot or cold on an outing, they will let their parents know by fussing and crying uncontrollably. Instead of dealing with these meltdowns, you need to focus on dressing your baby for comfort.

By following the tips in this article, you will have no problem keeping your baby comfortable and cute.

What is “Athleisure”?

Athleisure & BK Variety

Athleisure… what does it mean?  Where did the term come from?

According to Wikipedia, athleisure is described as “a type of hybrid clothing, is a fabricated style of clothing typically worn during athletic activities and in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions. Athleisure outfits can include yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings and shorts, that “look like athletic wear”, characterized as “fashionable, dressed up sweats and exercise clothing”. The idea is that gym clothes are supposedly making their way out of the gym and becoming a larger part of people’s everyday wardrobes.”  In a nutshell, “athleisure” clothing is comfortable, multi-use apparel that is becoming the go to style for many people.

Believe it or not, athleisure has been around for over 30 years!  The term was originally coined back in 1979 when the publication Nations Business used it to describe apparel for those who want to look athletic.  From there, athleisure apparel was on it’s way from not only helping people “look athletic”, but actually serving an athletic purpose.

Today, this style is apparel is booming with options.  You can find athleisure-wear in many of our department stores, and there are many private brands too.

We at BK Variety are excited to be expanding our offering to bring you our own brand of athleisure apparel!  Our line “…andGo” will be on the market soon, and you can check it out at …andGo.  Stop in and find your new favorite outfit today!

Great Tips for Growing a Thick and Healthy Beard

Approximately 55% of the men in the world have facial hair. Over the past few years, beards have become all the rage. Just about every popular male celebrity has rocked a beard at one time or another, which has added to the popularity of facial hair. Some men avoid growing a beard because they are unsure about how their facial hair looks when it is allowed to run wild.

Rather than shying away from growing a beard, you need to attack your facial hair journey head-on. Are you trying to grow a thick and healthy beard? If so, consider the great tips below.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Some men are extremely impatient when it comes to growing facial hair. If you abandon your facial hair mission as soon as itchiness or other problems start to surface, you will never be able to unlock the full power of a beard. Instead of throwing in the towel too soon, you need to be patient and give your issues time to resolve themselves.

If your facial har appears to be growing in patchy, you need to give it time. In many cases, patchy facial hair will fill in as time goes by. If you are constantly dealing with itchy skin under your beard, investing in the right lotions and oils can help you out. When you see how great your beard looks, you will quickly realize the time and effort you have invested is worth it.

Wash and Oil Your Beard Regularly

Men who are passionate about growing a beard are willing to put in a lot of work to achieve their goal. One of the best things you can do when trying to grow a full and manly beard is to put the right substances on your facial hair. Failing to wash your beard on a regular basis can lead to it getting extremely dry and brittle. Once you have washed and dried your beard, you need to apply a high-quality oil to it.

If you are looking for a great beard oil that can condition and moisturize your facial hair, then you should give the Buck Ridge Dragon’s Blood Premium Beard Oil a try. When applied regularly, this oil can help you keep your beard healthy.

Train Your Beard by Combing It Daily

One of the biggest problems you will face when growing a new beard is keeping the hair down and manageable. If your facial hair has a tendency to grow wild, then you need to make an effort to train it. Using a good brush/comb can help you train this hair over time.

BK Variety carries a beard and body care gift set that you are sure to love. This set features everything from beard oils and handmade soap to a beard brush and comb set. With the items in this kit, you can keep your beard looking great.

Implementing the tips in this article can help you grow a fantastic-looking beard.

BK Variety and Baseball Season

Yes, baseball season is upon us. And that alone is enough to elicit a great yelp of triumph from a whole lot of people who have been stuck indoors all winter.

We’ve got some great stuff over here to help you celebrate the start of spring. The beginning of baseball season means one or both of you, or all of you, are going to huddle around the television for the big game. One or more of you might be supporting our baseball-themed leggings that hug your curvaceous bod in a good way!

These inventive leggings are made for comfort, and you can take a look on the website for other arrange of other styles, too. They’re popular with the ladies!

We also have more to help celebrate baseball season – baseball socks and underwear. Seriously. Great design, good weave – we rival what the great people sold back in the old Woolworths days. But now you can get it delivered right to your house.

There’s a lot more that’s new on BK Variety, too. For example, check out our collection of Buck Ridge soaps, featuring aromatic and high-quality blends to keep your home and everything else clean. These are really nice products that you’ll want in your linen closet! (or wherever you keep your  cleaners). And then we have scented candles… If you want your house to smell fresh for springtime check out any of these products that you can also get with our online reward system and easy convenient shopping cart.

That’s just the start, in addition to all of the apparel and gear that we offer for the entire family. When we say the entire family, we mean it – we even have stylish bandannas for your furry friend, and an astounding selection of home goods that you can use all year round!

As you watch the first intrepid pioneers step up to bat, do it in comfort with our apparel and home furnishings. You can even find stuff for your pets to have them rooting along with you for your favorite team!

Have an amazing spring season, and be sure to come back and check us out frequently, as we are always getting new things in stock. A simple bookmark will keep us in your browser list. Also, to keep in touch, we have live chat powered by BK Chatbots. This is truly a revolutionary 21st century ecommerce site, and what that means is that you get the responsiveness and reliability of a top shop. You also get convenience as you browse, and as mentioned, all of the little games and prizes that give you “points” as you go. There’s a concept in the online gaming world called “play to earn,” based on the idea that users should collect rewards. We put that to work on our web site, too, to enhance the experience of everyone who sees that we are open for business! Don’t hesitate to drop us a line and talk about your experience here at BK Variety, where we aim to please. 

Our BK Rewards: Win Big!

What do people like more than ice cream and big flashy cars?

They like rewards and savings. We recognize that, and we built that into our unique e-commerce platform to offer you more of that cool gear that you want for your household with our unique system of BK reward points that helps you buy cheaper.

The only thing better than showing off your cool new stuff to your neighbors is telling them how little you paid for it. If you remember green stamps, you know how this works, basically. You acquire your BK rewards and spend them on anything that we offer in-house. And that’s a lot. From our home furnishings to our pet products and apparel, you’ll see items for the whole family at prices you can afford. Then you can slash these prices even lower using your earned BK rewards!

Signing Up for BK Rewards

It’s easy to sign up to get BK loyalty reward points on our platform. You just click into “Your BK Variety,” and fill out the form to get registered to get and use BK reward points.

Get Good Stuff

One easy way to get started is to spin our lucky wheel to see what you come up with. This is a fun way to reward customers and get you involved in a platform that has so much to offer. Just spin it! We spent time coming up with some of the best ways to reward people who use our platform. It was a fun process, too. We spilled some coffee along the way – but mostly through horsing around…

Not Where or Who, but What You Get

In the old days, shopping was so much about going to the right store. A local merchant had a reputation to uphold that determined where people were going to shop.

With e-commerce, it’s much more about how you are treated on a particular platform. If you see that the platform is easy to use, fair and transparent and really offers value, you’re more likely to stay involved and make purchases. We feel that it’s important to treat people right, so as we go, we enjoy a reputation for great customer service. We also have some of the best graphic designers around, which doesn’t hurt, and happy people in our warehouse. At the end of the day – that’s worth more than gold! (But not worth quite as much as BK rewards!) Jk.

Small Business for the Digital Age

What do we offer at BK Variety Market for choosy e-commerce shoppers? What don’t we offer, would be a better question. At BK Variety Market … we are truly a variety market!

As a pioneering small business in the Germansville, PA area, our e-commerce store has excellent customized products for your family. Enjoy the holidays, dress up your home, and share a little togetherness with specialized catalog items put together by a local small business with your comfort and convenience in mind.

A Range of Apparel

We have clothes for the whole family, including leggings, bras, hoodies and more for women, ruggedized apparel for those who like to adventure outside, and soft blankets and pajamas for the little ones. We have hundreds of garments in our e-commerce store, just for you, so take a little time to browse the collections, and bookmark what you like!

Home Décor

Since we live and work out in the country (a nice drive from Allentown or Easton), a major part of our home decor collection is our interesting and unique collection of nature-themed throw pillows. Be sure to check out some of our cool owl designs, for example, to give your space a natural flair! Also, don’t forget about seasonal throw pillow choices that you can show off proudly at different times of the year – (when they’re not in season, you can simply stow them in a plastic bin!)

Be sure to look for free shipping over $50 and other special offers for our entire catalog of neat personalized products. Here’s another thing that’s great about using our e-commerce system – with our order tracking feature, you can see where your package is and where it’s going.

It’s fun for the whole family when you’re shopping on BK Variety Market (instead of lame platforms like We’re not a mega corporate retailer – we are a localized business that values quality and customer service!

Stuff for Pets

Why shouldn’t your furry family member roam around in style, too? That’s what we say!

In our “Paws and Claws” collection, we have dozens and dozens of unique vibrant designs to show off your pet’s perky personality. From fruit themes and cowboy bandannas to cartoons and colorful patterns and more, you can dress up your beloved pet for photo ops or a ride in the car.

Make sure to check back from time to time as we build our variety market into something you’ll be interested to use time and again when you want to get a “grab bag” of items for your home. 

We’re excited to announce the addition of Buck Ridge Soap Company!

Check out our great selection of high-quality, USA made soaps, oils, balms, and more!

8 Tips on Wearing Colorful Men’s Dress Socks

The traditional rule of thumb for men’s dress socks that the color should match your trousers is outdated and boring. Colorful dress socks range in everything from bold solid colors to classic patterns, such as argyle and paisley, to whimsical designs featuring animals or cartoon characters. With so many options, it can become overwhelming and difficult to decide which socks to wear, when it’s appropriate to wear bright socks and what outfit to accompany your snazzy new socks. Here are 8 helpful hints and tips on wearing men’s colorful dress socks.

1.Coordinate with your Outfit

The first thing to understand about adding colored or patterned socks to your outfit is that coordinating does not mean matching. Just because your suit is navy blue does not necessarily mean your socks should be a shade of blue. A simple way to coordinate your socks is to pull a color from something else in your outfit such as your shirt, tie, pocket square or jacket. If you are wearing a red tie with yellow stripes, consider a fun patterned pair of socks in yellow such as the men’s stache socks or red monkey socks.

colorful dress socks

2. Consider the Color Wheel

Before you experiment with mixing and matching shades and patterns, it’s best to have a basic understanding of the color wheel. Red, blue and yellow are the three primary colors and between those are the three secondary colors of purple, green and orange. If you really want to advance your color theory knowledge, you can include the six tertiary colors of vermilion, magenta, violet, teal, chartreuse and amber. For the perfect contrasting combinations, choose colors that are opposite from one another on the color wheel. These are called complementary colors and mixing them just right will make you look intelligent, stylish and professional.

3. Choose Patterns Wisely

While brightly colored dress socks are often cheerful and entertaining, it is important to choose your patterns wisely. If there are other elements in your outfit that are loud or patterned, like a checkered jacket or Hawaiian shirt, it may be best to keep it subtle with your socks. Pull a color from the pattern and choose a bold solid-colored pair of socks in the same hue. Also keep the pattern in mind when attending specific events. Wearing socks covered in hamburgers at a vegan party might not be generally accepted and may even be offensive. When in doubt about which pattern to choose, opt for solid color or reliable classics like polka dots or wide stripes.

4. Match the Occasion

There are certain occasions when gimmicky novelty socks are appropriate, such as holiday parties and seasonal events. Brightly colored socks showcasing fun, recognizable images can be both comfortable and amusing. Fancy socks with red candy canes and gingerbread men are perfectly acceptable for a family or company Christmas party. There are orange jack o’lantern socks for Halloween, baseball socks for home games, beer pong socks for college reunions, and a variety of music socks for concerts. Celebrate Independence Day in style with red, white and blue flag socks. No matter what the holiday, occasion or event, there is sure to be a corresponding pair of dress socks.

5. Go Crazy When Casual

Casual attire is the best time to go crazy with the patterns and color combinations in your socks. A fun night out on the town with friends or casual Fridays at the office are great opportunities to let your imagination run wild. Whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or khakis with a collared polo shirt, adding a pair of funky waves socks or orange triangle socks can really spice up your look. Like a handsome pocket square in a jacket, a flashy pair of socks with an otherwise casual outfit shows you put some thought into what you are wearing.

colorful men's dress socks

6. Know When to Avoid Multi-Colored Socks

Bright socks are fun and entertaining, qualities that are not always appropriate for the situation. There are some occasions that are more about showing respect than expressing your individuality. Wearing socks with neon yellow smiley faces against a turquoise background may not be the best choice for a funeral or serious business meeting. When it comes to weddings, it depends on things like the couple, the venue and the theme. Weddings are not nearly as formal as they were in the past, but some brides might not appreciate a deviation if she has a strict dress code. When in doubt, consider the location. Colorful socks are suitable for a tavern or a bowling alley, but not necessarily in churches and courthouses.

7. Determine How Much Sock to Show

Once you have decided which fancy socks you want to wear, it’s time to consider how much sock to show. If your pants are too high and you show too much sock, it looks like your pants just aren’t a good fit. However, if your trousers are too long, no one will ever see your carefully chosen socks. Recent trends in men’s fashion include the decreasing length of men’s pants, which ultimately shows more of your socks. Another trend is to roll up or cuff pants to give out a casual, surfer vibe. If you are unsure about the length of your pants, a good rule to follow is that your pants should just skim the top of your shoes while you are standing.

8. Be Confident

Wearing men’s colorful dress socks is all about adding personality to your outfit. Build your confidence by starting out with classic patterns such as stripes or argyle, which has been a traditional dress sock style for men for nearly a century. Keep it simple with two or three tones of muted colors such as navy blue, maroon and forest green. As you become more confident, add more eye-catching colors like neon orange and vibrant turquoise. Embrace your uniqueness and don’t be afraid to try new things. You’ll become an expert at wearing multi-colored dress socks in no time.

The Benefits of Buying American-Made

Long ago, it was the norm to find mostly American made products on the shelves of your favorite stores. A lot has changed over time. With fewer regulations in manufacturing overseas, companies decided to move their production operations in order to lower costs. Now we are facing a time of economic uncertainty and it is more important than ever to invest in American manufacturing. Buying products boasting the “made in the USA” label may contribute to your sense of pride and patriotism, as it should, but you may not be aware of all the ways in which buying American-made products helps your country and community. 

Ethical Standards

Labor standards in other countries are out of our control. In America, the United States Labor Laws ensure that the rights of workers are upheld. Our laws ensure that workers receive minimum wages and that their safety is prioritized. Laborers in the worst six countries for workers face threats on a daily basis. Child labor is common in some countries as well as violence, unfair dismissal, exposure to harmful chemicals, and refusal of pay.  When you buy American made products, you know that they weren’t made by people suffering under unfair practices.

Focus on Future Generations

There is no doubt. More manufacturers in America means more jobs for the American people. As a country, we have lost touch with making things. That means that we are dependent upon other countries for necessary goods which can become a big problem if we have a political conflict. The US trade deficit is a growing concern for our country. We are currently consuming products from other countries at a higher rate than we are selling them. Buying American made products helps to improve the trade balance.

Environmental Standards

In America, we are more focused on environmental protection than many other countries. For example, China’s environmental problems affects the world globally. As the largest contributor to global carbon dioxide pollution, China is far behind America in eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Considering the affect that manufacturing has on the environment is very important but we can’t forget the affects of shipping products internationally as well. When you buy products that require delivery from far away, you’re contributing to fossil fuel depletion and the emission of greenhouse gases.


According to Consumer Reports, 61% of Americans surveyed felt that clothing and shoes manufactured in America were of better quality. Considering the poor ethical and environmental standards in offshore manufacturing, it’s not surprise that quality is less of a concern as well.

At BK Variety Market, all of our products are sourced from USA suppliers with many also made in America. We value our community and that’s why we choose to keep our business at home.

Tips For Buying Clothing As a Gift This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again. If you are like most people, you need a little holiday cheer to help you forget about this difficult year. Getting in the holiday spirit is easy when you start to buy gifts for the people in your life. The average person spends around $1,000 a year on presents. Instead of buying a person something they will never use, you should focus on getting a gift that is functional. 

The holiday season is upon us once again. If you are like most people, you need a little holiday cheer to help you forget about this difficult year. Getting in the holiday spirit is easy when you start to buy gifts for the people in your life. The average person spends around $1,000 a year on presents. Instead of buying a person something they will never use, you should focus on getting a gift that is functional. 

If you have a friend or family member that loves fashion and clothing, then getting them a festive pair of leggings or a new shirt is a good idea. Are you trying to buy clothing as a gift this holiday season? If so, check out these helpful tips below. 

Get a Feel For a Person’s Sense of Style 

Before you start to shop for clothing gifts online, you need to do your homework. Finding out what type of clothing a person likes is imperative when trying to get them a gift they will love. The best way to get this information is by paying attention to the style of clothing a person wears when they are around you. 

For instance, if you notice a person wears lots of floral print leggings or shirts, you need to find new pieces with this same design. With some hard work and research, you can get a person a clothing gift they will absolutely love. 

Finding the Right Size

Once you have an idea of what type of clothing a person may like, you will need to think about what size they need. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it can actually be quite complicated. The clothing suppliers you come across online will use different measurements and cuts when making their items. This means you have to look at the size chart a company provides before you make a purchase. 

Asking a person casually about what size pants or shirts they wear is a good idea. Getting this information well before you intend to buy the gift is crucial. With this information, you should have no problem narrowing down the list of available gifts on the clothing market. 

Research Online Clothing Suppliers

You also need to take the time to research the online clothing suppliers at your disposal before using one. Unfortunately, there are a number of clothing suppliers online that are known for overcharging and waiting a long time to ship items to their customers. Looking at the reviews, an online clothing supplier has received is a great way to assess what their reputation is. 

If you find lots of bad reviews for an online clothing supplier, you need to avoid using them. Taking the time to price shop is also important if you want to get a good deal on the clothing you purchase. 

It’s Time to Make a Purchase

As you can see, buying clothing as a holiday gift is a good idea. Check out the items we have in stock if you are looking for a great present for a loved one.