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BK Variety Market

A little bit of info about BK Variety…

A long time ago in a galaxy… ???

Not quite! BK Variety was sprung from our first storename BK Variety Market!

We started as a small eBay seller in August 2016.  Back then we were mainly interested in finding new homes for things we had laying around the house… you know… the clutter!  
After a rather short time we made our first sale!… boy were we excited!  We felt so good knowing that we were able to offer a quality product at a reasonable price to someone who was searching for it.  At that time we had a background in retail in brick and mortar stores, but not really in internet sales.  The joy we felt was amazing, and we started looking into more things we could offer.

Fast forward a few years later (and a whole bunch of events in our personal life that slowed our business building down!) and here we are today!  The positive feeling we had back a few years ago never left us. We still do offer many items at our eBay store, and now we have embarked on a private eCommerce web-store where we hope to be able to offer even more value and products to our customers!  That store is BK Variety Market, you can visit it here! Our new store gives us to opportunity to offer deeper discounts, a personalized shopping experience, more payment options, a rewards program.(which we are super psyched about!) and more!

Our main focus is in customer service.  We always want to be able to go above and beyond for our customers.  There is never a dumb question or a dumb request at BK Variety Market.  We take every request seriously and will do our best to find an answer for you in a timely fashion.  Our second focus is our product offerings.  We search for privately owned, US based companies to partner with so we are confident in our products.  If we wouldn’t buy it for ourselves or our loved ones, we won’t offer it for sale.  We also partner with local craft makers, and other local businesses to help them get their products to market as well.  Stop in frequently and check our items out!  We update with new offerings an a very regular basis!

We hope you enjoy each and every experience at BK Variety Market.  Thank you for stopping in and taking some time to learn about us!


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