Our BK Rewards: Win Big!

What do people like more than ice cream and big flashy cars?

They like rewards and savings. We recognize that, and we built that into our unique e-commerce platform to offer you more of that cool gear that you want for your household with our unique system of BK reward points that helps you buy cheaper.

The only thing better than showing off your cool new stuff to your neighbors is telling them how little you paid for it. If you remember green stamps, you know how this works, basically. You acquire your BK rewards and spend them on anything that we offer in-house. And that’s a lot. From our home furnishings to our pet products and apparel, you’ll see items for the whole family at prices you can afford. Then you can slash these prices even lower using your earned BK rewards!

Signing Up for BK Rewards

It’s easy to sign up to get BK loyalty reward points on our platform. You just click into “Your BK Variety,” and fill out the form to get registered to get and use BK reward points.

Get Good Stuff

One easy way to get started is to spin our lucky wheel to see what you come up with. This is a fun way to reward customers and get you involved in a platform that has so much to offer. Just spin it! We spent time coming up with some of the best ways to reward people who use our platform. It was a fun process, too. We spilled some coffee along the way – but mostly through horsing around…

Not Where or Who, but What You Get

In the old days, shopping was so much about going to the right store. A local merchant had a reputation to uphold that determined where people were going to shop.

With e-commerce, it’s much more about how you are treated on a particular platform. If you see that the platform is easy to use, fair and transparent and really offers value, you’re more likely to stay involved and make purchases. We feel that it’s important to treat people right, so as we go, we enjoy a reputation for great customer service. We also have some of the best graphic designers around, which doesn’t hurt, and happy people in our warehouse. At the end of the day – that’s worth more than gold! (But not worth quite as much as BK rewards!) Jk.

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