The Benefits of Buying American-Made

Long ago, it was the norm to find mostly American made products on the shelves of your favorite stores. A lot has changed over time. With fewer regulations in manufacturing overseas, companies decided to move their production operations in order to lower costs. Now we are facing a time of economic uncertainty and it is more important than ever to invest in American manufacturing. Buying products boasting the “made in the USA” label may contribute to your sense of pride and patriotism, as it should, but you may not be aware of all the ways in which buying American-made products helps your country and community. 

Ethical Standards

Labor standards in other countries are out of our control. In America, the United States Labor Laws ensure that the rights of workers are upheld. Our laws ensure that workers receive minimum wages and that their safety is prioritized. Laborers in the worst six countries for workers face threats on a daily basis. Child labor is common in some countries as well as violence, unfair dismissal, exposure to harmful chemicals, and refusal of pay.  When you buy American made products, you know that they weren’t made by people suffering under unfair practices.

Focus on Future Generations

There is no doubt. More manufacturers in America means more jobs for the American people. As a country, we have lost touch with making things. That means that we are dependent upon other countries for necessary goods which can become a big problem if we have a political conflict. The US trade deficit is a growing concern for our country. We are currently consuming products from other countries at a higher rate than we are selling them. Buying American made products helps to improve the trade balance.

Environmental Standards

In America, we are more focused on environmental protection than many other countries. For example, China’s environmental problems affects the world globally. As the largest contributor to global carbon dioxide pollution, China is far behind America in eco-friendly manufacturing practices. Considering the affect that manufacturing has on the environment is very important but we can’t forget the affects of shipping products internationally as well. When you buy products that require delivery from far away, you’re contributing to fossil fuel depletion and the emission of greenhouse gases.


According to Consumer Reports, 61% of Americans surveyed felt that clothing and shoes manufactured in America were of better quality. Considering the poor ethical and environmental standards in offshore manufacturing, it’s not surprise that quality is less of a concern as well.

At BK Variety Market, all of our products are sourced from USA suppliers with many also made in America. We value our community and that’s why we choose to keep our business at home.

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