Have you checked out our “Jerky Turkey”

Jerky Turkey at your service!

At BK Variety we’ve embarked on a new and exciting AI helper for our sites, it’s our BK ChatBots! They’re little guys you’ll see floating around in the corners of our pages doing all kinds of things from providing discounts to helping guide you through the site!

Our most recent ChatBot is a little guy we call “Jerky Turkey”. He’s at our BK Variety Market site and he gives you a little chuckle along with a sweet discount on your purchase. We think he’s quite comical and surely there to brighten your day! Stop in today and check him out, or you can access him here: Jerky Turkey

As the months move along, you’ll see more of these little guys for different reasons. Please take a minute and explore their conversations! When you’re done, you can always send us a message about our ChatBots to info@bkvarietymarket.com. We’d love to hear your opinions!

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