BK Variety News – November 2020

It’s a new month, and with it comes new and exciting things going on at BK Variety! We’ve been working hard on many different things, including new merchandise, new pricing structures, and a new feature called BK ChatBots!

You’ll notice that our inventory selection is expanding as you browse our collections. One of our newest features is our new “sort” options. This feature will allow our customers to break down our product offerings based on color, description, and soon sizes. It is a difficult process for us to get perfected, so we do appreciate your patience as we proceed!

Another change you’ll notice is that we have decided to change our shipping from “free” to a small fee depending on the total of the order. We made this change as we were receiving feedback that sometimes customers would rather pay shipping on smaller orders and receive it free when they spent more. We agree with that philosophy and decided to change our shipping policy to reflect that! We’ve broken down the fees into small amounts ranging from $7.99 to $5.99, to $3.99, to free. Of course, we’ll surely have special weekend sales or “flash sales” where we’ll offer discounted or free shipping! By changing our shipping policy we now are able to bring the sale price of our products down considerably! We feel this is a win-win decision for all!

If you’ve stopped by lately you’ll also notice little “Bots” in the corners or on certain pages at our site! These are our new BK ChatBots! We just introduced them, so we’re getting a feel for how our customers react to them. We hope they’ll add a level of fun and interaction with our customers that they don’t get to have at our competitors. These little guys are going to go through a lot of changes in the next couple months, so stop in and check them out regularly!

We hope everyone has a safe and healthy November 2020. It’s been a sometimes difficult and sometimes overwhelming year for all of us to say the least!

Please stay safe and stay original!

We’ll see you at the Market!


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